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A colourful journey to engage and entertain children while they learn

The illustrations help us understand the signals that dogs use to communicate with us

From assistance dogs to the shopping strip, we explore situations that you and your child may encounter daily

Written with the help of a professional dog trainer, for accuracy of information and imagery

Join Frankie & Russell on an adventure

Along the way Frankie learns that not all dogs want to play and that there is one very important question that we always need to ask…

Learn through story telling

The book takes the form of a social story so it is particularly helpful for children with autism or developmental delay.

Love, love, LOVE it! The illustrations are great, the message behind the story is clear and important, and I can't think of another book out there like it. Can't wait to read it to my class!

Primary School Teacher

Such a good topic because there's just not good info out there on how dogs can interact with kids that is targeted to the child rather than the owners. Loved the different examples of the types of dog language when sleeping, eating, shy etc. Really love it.

Mum & Psychologist

We LOVE the illustrations and colour! It's a good length and has a good rhythm when reading out loud. The emphasis on words is great for kids learning to read and where to put emphasis in their voice. Great book for kids (and parents) who love dogs and those who don't...yet

Mum & Senior Social Researcher

Dogs really are the best. Thankfully, I am never very far away from a hound these days. Red and Ollie are our resident kelpies and they certainly keep us on our toes – between naps. And if two active working dogs weren’t enough, we also foster dogs through Dogs4Jobs.


Fostering has given me the opportunity to meet and interact with so many different dog personalities over the past three years. And, contrary to popular belief, not all dogs are the same. Not all dogs like pats and not all dogs like play. Some are friendly and some aren’t. They tell us all this very clearly, but we don’t always know how to listen. I wanted to give dogs a bigger voice. That is when Can I pat that dog? was born.


I hope it helps human and doggo alike in ensuring safe and happy future interactions.

I am a Melbourne based freelance graphic designer and illustrator. I am most inspired when working on projects that make an impact and improve our environments. In this case; advocating for dogs and educating kids on how to behave around our furry companions.